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Broadening the Impact of Genomics

Quantitative Pathology (qPath) aims to help healthcare providers, healthcare systems, and public health organizations tap into genomics’ potential. Through our integrated solutions, qPath seamlessly incorporates genomics into healthcare, revolutionizing diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. We make genomics practical and valuable so that our clients can provide patients with effective and personalized healthcare.


By way of the Netherlands, Dr. Siwo de Kloet received his PhD with cum laude in protein synthesis, and he continued his postdoctoral fellowship at The Rockefeller Institute (New York).

In January 1962, he coauthored a paper in The National Academy of Sciences titled “Isolation of Nuclear RNA Fraction Resembling DNA in its Base Composition.” The paper described the isolation of what is now called “messenger” or mRNA. mRNA has become the cornerstone of many modern vaccine technologies for infectious diseases and promising alternative immunotherapy treatments for oncology.

In 1966, Dr. de Kloet accepted a faculty position in genetics at Florida State University. Siwo and his wife (Dineke) raised their four children (Arne, Edwin, Rolf, and Annette) in Tallahassee, Florida.

After teaching biology, biochemistry, and genetics for thirty years at FSU, Dr. de Kloet and his family started a biotechnology company in 1992 focusing on genetic testing.

The organization became one of the first to provide a genetic-based assay to the public and would grow to offer over 300 assays to thousands worldwide.


qPath provides molecular testing for infectious diseases and genomics. Current and future capacity concerns challenge healthcare systems and active commercial genetic labs. This growth continues to “outpace” established laboratory resources. There is an unmet need within the diagnostic lab segment. The mission is to support efficient and effective service by perpetuating a high acuity of accuracy and delivering/processing the clinical results within a short time frame.


qPath adheres to all applicable standards for accreditation and licensure. Our current certificates include:

  • Verification of Enrollment – COLA accreditation
  • CLIA Certificate of Registration
  • Registered with the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)