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Wound Care Molecular Diagnostics

Enhancing Patient Care

Why Choose Molecular Testing for Wound Care?

Wound care protocols are evolving, and molecular diagnostics are at the forefront of this transformation. As the landscape shifts towards more precise diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of infectious diseases, adopting molecular testing can significantly enhance patient outcomes. 

Wound Care

Why Choose Our Comprehensive Molecular Lab Services?

Deeper Genetic Visibility

Our reporting provides deeper genetic visibility, ensuring a thorough understanding of microbial profiles. 

Lower Margin of Error

With PCR, we minimize the margin of error, delivering reliable results every time.

Faster Processing

Experience quicker processing and reporting, enabling prompt decision-making for patient care.

Cost Savings

Cost-Effective Solution

We offer a cost-effective service without compromising on quality. 

Our Comprehensive Wound Panel Includes:

  • Rapid Turn-Around Time 
  • Definitive Polymicrobial Detection 
  • Candida Panel Support 
  • Detection of Antibiotic Resistance Markers 

Advantages of PCR in Wound Care Management:

Transforming Wound Care with Molecular Diagnostics

At qPath, we’re dedicated to advancing wound care management and infectious disease medicine through innovative molecular diagnostics.  

Join us in revolutionizing patient care today. 

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